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In addition to the items related to trains models in general, I matured some interest also to others objects of various types, mostly before the 50s and 60s, therefore considered to be belonging to the world, now known as "Vintage".

Over the years, I've collected and received in inheritance many items that I would like to share and give visibility in the global network, that has become the Internet world.

Although these pages are designed to be visible, in the immense world that is Internet, many interesting objects from private collections: the collectors who want include in these pages, part of their precious artifacts, could contact me here


These are divided by categories:

         Old toys

         painting ---> "Pertile Maria" web site

         comics and books


All visible objects in these pages have their own value / cost and are mostly purchased or exchanged with others of various kinds, but always part of the world "Vintage"


For further information please contact our staff: here


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