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The site was born by a passion for model railways, in particular for objects of the mythical house "Marklin", from which I was immediately fascinated as a child, with the first gift, one start set 3103 with the BR 24 ref. 3003 steam locomotive and its coach;

Box 3003

In 2000 the passion has resumed and started to increase, thanks to the collaboration and passion of friends,and with the patience of my partner, to collecting various objects (rails, locos, car, platforms etc.).
In 2005 I dedicated myself to old locomotives with enthusiasm, and then i started to create my own collection, that you can admire in the pages of this site.
At the moment the locomotives are more than one hundred; the models are  certainly almost difficult to find and with historical and collectible value. Lately I'm also working on the repair and finding replacement parts for the older series, especially the "800"
and "3000"which are, in my opinion, the flagship of the house MÄRKLIN, both for quality construction and for historical value, see details in the page dedicated.

The site aims to be a place of publication, with the possibility of exchange and sale items of old model railways, as well as a way to grow the passion by creating a meeting point to exchange information and knowledge among fans of the sector.
The site
have not the characteristic of "online store", but the point of exchange between fans of rails model.

In addition to trains
, by various brands and scale, we have also great quantity of model car, such as Dinky toys, Corgi. Matchbox, Shuco and others!


                                                       Attention !!

The exchanges that happen
in to the site are to be considered between private and fans of the model rail sector, antique toys in general, according to European standards in force.

The exchanges are to be considered exempt from any warranty, right of withdrawal, exchange or return, unless otherwise arrangements taken between the persons concerned.


- is an information website for fans of model trains - we have not a shop! -

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