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This is a non-profit site: the exchanges are between private, and are not amenable to the law on privacy: Legislative Decree n. 196 of June 30, 2003

However, we will respect the protection of personal data, and we will use the personally identifiable information or that can identify You personally ("personal data"), only in accordance with the provisions of our activities in relation to shipments and always only by ourselves.

For further information contact:

terms and contract

1. General information about objects

1.1 These conditions apply to all products purchased, sold or exchanged on our site

1.2 Site holder is Massimo Lecchi, via Caracciolo 21 20021 Bollate MILAN ITALY
; All exchanges are to be considered private, and not covered by warranty, unless otherwise stated. Any item, price, rate and description are subject to availability and can be overturned or modified in any moment without warning.

3 The items are described on my best knowledge and through accurate picture by trying to make better visible: the photos are part of the description. For any questions please contact

4 All items are allocated based on their characteristics was referring to a scale running from "object in excellent condition" to "object to be repaired." We are often inserted personal comments to describe the objects, all accompanied by detailed photographs.

1.5 All trade mark present on the site, are registered andproperty of the indivduial company.

1.6 The "site" is an informations site and not for selling.

2. Availability and ordering

2.1 The material on this site is available to directly look at our warehouse by appointment to be  arranged by phone or by e-mail, click here :  e-mail

2.2 You can easily
search and llook any items on our site and buy on our ebay-shop : here

2.3 The partial availability of items compared to Your order, might be communicated at the time of our confirmation of order, of course You will not be obligated to purchase a partial but has the right to cancel the entire order.

2.4 Before sending the order confirmation, we reserve the right to di
sclose errors contained in the product description; In this case You will be given the option to confirm or cancel all or part of Your order. If You decides to place the order anyway, You agree that the Product will be provided under the amendments made to the description compared with those previously indicated on the site

2.5 The sales or exchanges of Your products occurring after telephone contact or contact by e-mail, taking care to best describe the items by entering more informationas possible, for example model, year, condition, operation, etc..

3. Prices and terms of payment

3.1 The current price is indicated on the website at the time of order, and are quoted in Euro.

3.2 Prices on the website are final: the objects being used are not subject to VAT.

3.2 We reserve the right to modify at any time the price of items on the site, according to market trends, the price quotations, and their availability

The items described in our order confirmation will be reserved for 5 days, after which, in the absence of payment, notified by e-mail or telephone, will be considered automatically for free sale

3.4 The payment may be made with: bank transfer, money order, Paypall, other payments to be arranged.

3.5 Any delays of payment, installment purchases, discounts on items  are to be discussed in advance.

4. Shipping cost


4.1 The direct collection  of the items in our storehouse without any extra costs is possible by fixing a previous appointment.

You may contact us at +393356236915 or with e-mail to

4.2 The prices indicated on the site do not include shipping costs.  No charge is requested on our part for the packaging.

4.3 We will ship by the third business day following receipt of Your payment in the manner specified in our order confirmation, unless circumstances beyond its control.

4.4 The costs and the various shipping methods are as follows:

Shipping to Italy :


BRT bartolini

Shipping to Europe :


BRT Bartolini

Shipping to EXTRA UE :

Poste Italiane EMS  “Express Mail Service” - or BRT Bartolini


For any further information or clarification, please contact us  e-mail :

4.5 It is possible return of the' object only if is different than that described in the description with a refund of monies paid, within ten days of receipt.

4.6 Please note that international shipping to countries outside the EC customs charges, may be payable by You, does not depend on our, and will depend on the tax laws of each state

4.7 We guarantee the better care in packaging: will be our care prepare parcels solid and absolutely safe to prevent damage during transport. The goods are delivered from our warehouse at Your own risk, any loss of parcel, partial or total damage occurred during transport
, are at Your expense. Therefore we recommend to ensure the objects.

4.8 The goods will be sent to the address You stated in the order confirmation: Please verify the accuracy, because we are not responsible for lost or undelivered goods for this reason. We also recommend
You include Your phone number to be contacted in case of problems


5.1 If the articles on the site are proposed "new" you will be entitled to the guarantee of the manufacturer, licensor and the official supplier for the products supplied and should refer to the documentation supplied with the Product.

5.2 The items on the site are proposed with the words "excellent", "good", "reasonable", "sufficient", “poor”"to be repaired", or any other condition that bear on their own terms than "new", are be considered second-hand and therefore without any guarantee of the manufacturer, licensor or supplier. However, we will be assured by testing their operations unless otherwise stated in the description with the conditions "to repair", "not working" or similar.


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